Disability Income SM

Long Term Disability Income Plan

Star NOTE: Alumni Disability Income is available in all states except AK, CO, OR, LA, NH, SD and UT.

What's Covered

The Alumni Disability Income plan pays benefits while you are totally disabled due to sickness or accident – for up to five years.

Total disability is a disability that continuously disables you so that you are unable to perform the substantial and material duties of your occupation, while under the regular care of a physician.

For the first two years, the plan pays benefits if you are unable to perform your own occupation, not just any job for which you may be qualified. (Your monthly benefit begins after you satisfy the waiting period selected.) For the following three years, the plan pays benefits if you are unable to perform any occupation in your own field of education or training.

For total disability due to alcoholism, drug addiction or a mental, nervous or emotional disorder, benefits will be paid while such disability continues – for a maximum of 24 months.

Benefits are payable to age 70 (with a reduction to $2,000 after age 65). In the event of your death during the disability period, a survivors’ benefit equal to three monthly payments will be paid.

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