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The Alumni Insurance Program

P.O. Box 1149
Columbus, OH  43216-1149

FAX: 614-481-2400

How to file a claim

Health Insurance

AlumniDent Comprehensive Group Dental
If you are covered by American General/United States Life Insurance Company
Write your Certificate Number and Master Policy Number (V-610,042) on your original bills. Mail them to us at the address at left.

If you are covered by the Multiflex Dental plan (underwritten by Nationwide Insurance)
As of 6/18/2103, Merchants Benefit Administration, owner and administrator of the Nationwide Dental plan has changed the address for dental claim submissions. The updated Nationwide Dental ID Card with the new claims submission address is available for your client at the MBA Member Portal. The new address is also shown below for your convenience.

Merchants Benefit Administration
P.O. Box 981640
El Paso, Texas 79998-1640
Emdeon Payer ID# MBAAZ

If you have any questions please call Account Services at 1-800-800-6543 option 3, Monday through Friday, 8:00 AM to 5:00 PM MST/PST.
AlumniMed+ Renewable Major Medical
Please call the insurance company. For Blue Cross insureds, call (800) 123-4567. For Assurant (Time) insureds, call (800) 800-TIME.
Alumni Disability Income Long-term Disability Income Plan
Please call us at (800) 922-1245.
GradMed Short-term Health Insurance
Please visit

Life Insurance

AlumniTerm Group Term Life Insurance
Please call us at (800) 922-1245.
AlumniTerm 10/20 Group Level Term Life Insurance
Please call us at (800) 922-1245.
AlumniTerm 50+ (SeniorTerm) Group Term Life Insurance
Please call us at (800) 922-1245.

Financial Services

Alumni ID Recovery Identity Theft Assistance
Please call Alumni ID Recovery at (800) 280-7778. Have your Subscriber ID # ready.