Disability Income SM

Long Term Disability Income Plan

Star NOTE: Alumni Disability Income is available in all states except AK, CO, OR, LA, NH, SD and UT.

How it Works

You Choose the Monthly Benefit

You can choose $100 increments up to 50% of your gross monthly salary, up to $10,000 monthly benefit payments.* Self-employed individuals may choose a monthly benefit based on 50% of their average monthly income for the last 24 months (or the duration of their current business).

For monthly disability income benefit amounts under $3,000, no medical exam is normally required. However, there may be additional underwriting requirements for higher monthly benefit amounts.

*At the time of payout, you may receive up to a total of 70% of your income including other disability payments such as Social Security or employer group plans. Therefore, if you have other disability income coverage, the benefit amount you receive from this plan may be limited to less than 50% of your gross monthly salary.

You Select the Waiting Period

You have the choice of a 60- or a 90-day waiting period. If you become disabled, your monthly benefit would begin after you satisfy the waiting period selected. Benefits are payable directly to you at the end of each month. And these benefits are normally received tax-free since you personally pay the premiums. (You may consult your tax advisor for specific details.)

Premiums Are Waived While Disabled

If you become disabled and begin to receive monthly benefits, you do not have to pay premiums. This waiver of premium is effective as long as you continue to receive monthly benefit payments. When disability ends, premiums will resume and should be regularly paid to reinstate protection against further incidents of disability.


No benefit will be paid for a disability due to war or an act of war; intentionally self-inflicted injury; committing a crime or an attempt to do so.

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