Long Term Care Insurance

At least 70 percent of all people over age 65 require some type of Long Term Care during their lifetime*. Are you financially prepared for the care your family members may need?

Now is a great time to have a conversation about important topics like aging, health and money, before a crisis puts you at a disadvantage. And planning for Long Term Care is a critical part of being prepared.

*2013 Medicare & You, National Medicare Handbook, Center for Medicare and Medicaid Services

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Three things you may not know about LTC:

1. Most long term care is received at home; not in a nursing home. In fact, 43% of long-term care insurance claims are for benefits paid to individuals receiving covered home care.

2. You can save on long term care insurance. People in good health can save. That’s why it is important to get insurance before you are ill or injured. You pay less when you’re younger. Also your Alumni Association gives you access to special discounted rates.

3. Married couples can purchase “shared care” insurance coverage which may cost less and provide the benefits they need.

Start planning for the future today. With a plan, you will have peace of mind and know how you will manage your long term care needs. Preparing for the future is a way to care for yourself and for those who love you. Take care of this important task now. Request an LTC Planning Kit now

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